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With increasing public awareness of online privacy and safety, there is a strong case for reassuring your visitors that the website they are visiting will treat them fairly and honestly, without secretly tracking their behaviour. All UK-based online companies are required to be open with visitors about how their personal data will be used. 

It may be worth reconsidering the use of third party analytical software on your website if the potential marketing value is going to be outweighed by the negative impact on user trust.

Reducing the use of intrusive analytics software also helps page load times so visitors don’t have to hang around waiting to view them - they won’t. According to Google over 50% of mobile site visits are abandoned if a page takes longer than three seconds to load.

A recent UK survey* on online privacy found:

  • Without being prompted, four fifths (81%) of UK adults express a concern about the internet (2019 - 78%)
  • Although two-thirds of adults feel the benefits of going online outweigh the risks, almost 8 in 10 would like websites to do more to keep them and others safe.
  • Adults remain more concerned about potential online harms in relation to children than about the internet more generally. However, when asked about the internet more generally, adults are more concerned about their personal information being stolen (43%), scams/frauds (42%) and their data being processed without prior consent (37%).

*Source: Internet users’ concerns about and experience of potential online harms (24 June 2020. Ofcom/ICO)

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Greener sustainable websites

Most of the world’s Internet traffic goes through data centres. Data centres account for about 2% of global electricity demand and is increasing. That is more than the national energy consumption of some countries.

Between 2017 and 2020 the average size of webpages has gone up by around a third. This means transferring more data, and using more energy, every time we visit the page. Has anyone noticed websites getting a third better?

On it’s own your website’s energy consumption is not huge and is certainly a more energy efficient way of presenting and distributing information than printed media ever was. However, add together the energy footprint of millions of websites online and the cumulative savings are much more significant.

BBC Panorama: Is the Cloud Damaging the Planet?

For website owners, the benefits of reducing their carbon footprint not only helps the environment but enhances business reputation, thanks to increased public concern around sustainability.

Create simpler optimised websites. Not only do they use less energy but load much faster and are easier (cheaper) to maintain. 

We can do this by:

  • using smaller optimised images - images are the single largest contributors to page weight.
  • avoiding video
  • optimising fonts used
  • not using third party tracking
  • not using advertising services
  • not using cookies

Choose UK based website hosting powered by renewable energy.

Estimate your web page carbon footprint at


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and green website options

Get in touch to find out more about privacy first and green website design.

Privacy FAQ

Q: Is there a privacy focused and lightweight Google Analytics alternative?

A: Yes. We can install Plausible Analytics a simple, lightweight (< 1 KB), open source and privacy-friendly alternative. Not as comprehensive (or complex) as GA but does the job.

Q: Is it possible to run a website without cookies?

A: Yes and no. This website does not use cookies. If you want an ecommerce website you will, at the very least, be using functional cookies. UK websites cannot use cookies on a user’s computer without first asking for that user’s consent. If you have links to social media, newsletter mail-outs, Google Maps etc they will use cookies.

Q: Do I need a Privacy Notice on my website?

A: Yes and no. You must have one on your website if your website collects any data through which a person can be identified. If you don’t collect personal information, you may not need to display a Privacy Notice but it’s a good idea to have one to build trust in your website.

Green FAQ

Q: Will opting for a greener website really make any difference?

A: Yes. Using LED lighting, low energy appliances and electric vehicles may have a greater impact but everything you do to reduce energy consumption helps - especially if more and more websites do the same.

Q: How do I get greener hosting?

A: We can arrange to host your website with a UK based hosting supplier using renewable energy backed by a robust environmental policy.

Q: Can a Wordpress site be optimised to use less energy?

A: Yes. Static sites by their very simplicity are going to use less resources but a lot can be done for Wordpress sites too.

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