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Build trust – treat your website’s visitors with respect

With the growth of online scams and data harvesting people are growing understandably wary of parting with their personal information and money. 

If your website appears untrustworthy, potential customers will
navigate away – possibly never to return.


Unethical design

When text, instructions, or settings are built to be deceiving or unclear

Changing consumer attitudes

Nearly three quarters  of UK adults want to see tougher action on penalising companies that abuse data privacy


The UK’s  Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has ruled the entire Ad industry as operating illegally in how data is processed and actioned 

Data harvesting

small pieces of your personal data can be put together to reveal much more about you than you would think is possible


Almost 20 per cent of businesses have lost a customer due to using incomplete or inaccurate information about them

Surveillance capitalism

The business model of capitalising and monetising user data

Worried businesses

Many organisations seem to be at risk of drowning in vast amounts of data that they are not aware of


Facebook's "like" thumb is a tracker. Twitter's little blue bird is also a tracker 

Google trackers are on 75% of websites

This means they are not only tracking what you

search for, they're also tracking which websites you visit

Invasions of privacy

Identity theft, manipulation through ads, discrimination based on personal information, harassment, the filter bubble

Worried consumers

the overwhelming majority of UK consumers, 78 per cent, are concerned about how their private data is being used

Most people don't know that

Facebook owns Instagram and
Whats App. 

Google owns YouTube

Data trade
and data tracking is big business

Oracle provides access to 5 billion unique user ID’s

If you would like more information about how your website can build visitor trust
– get in touch. 

A little advice now may save a whole heap of heartache later.

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