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Static HTML website design

Static websites (like this site) include most of the features of a Wordpress website, are faster, more secure, and don’t need a database. Simply email your changes and we’ll quickly add them to your website. They are also simpler to build and host – so cost less too. 

Design and build from £350 

Site updates by Wrathweb: 

small changes (less than 5 mins) free, 5-15 mins £15.00, then £15.00 per 15 mins. 


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website design

Web design in Huddersfield and Holmfirth.

Wrathweb have been providing complete web design and hosting packages for over 20 years. From brochure and portfolio sites to info, blog and ecommerce installations. 

All this with plenty of friendly support and advice.

Wordpress website design

Wordpress websites use databases to separate the content from the layout and are suited to sites with large amounts of data. They allow you to update content yourself online (CMS). There is, however, a learning curve if you haven’t done this before. If you don’t want to do it yourself just email your updates and leave the rest to us. You can always mix and match – making simple updates yourself when you have time and for more complex changes hand over to us.

Design and build from £600 

Existing website makeovers just ask 





Hosting & domains

Managed static and Wordpress hosting. No need to get your hands dirty, websites and email set up and maintained by Wrathweb.

New domains registered and set up in your name. Existing domains transferred or pointed to your new website. 

Static sites £75 pa

Wordpress sites from
£180 pa

Privacy friendly websites

Public dislike of personal data collection by websites is increasing and trust decreasing. Large organisations use mass data for targeted marketing but many small businesses do not have the time or expertise to do this. If you don’t need the data let your visitors know they are not being tracked and that the site is secure (https). Not having tracking apps installed will also speed up your website.

Website users who feel safe and respected may also feel more inclined to use your services.

Greener sustainable websites

Most of the world’s Internet traffic goes through data centres - the Cloud. Data centres account for about 2% of global electricity demand and is growing. That is more than the national energy consumption of some countries.


BBC Panorama: Is the Cloud Damaging the Planet?

For website owners, the benefits of reducing their carbon footprint not only helps the environment but enhances business reputation, thanks to increased public concern around sustainability.

Lower your energy footprint - through smaller optimised websites. Not only do they use less energy but load much faster. 

Choose UK based website hosting powered by renewable energy.

Nightingale Trust

Huddersfield Civic Society

Huddersfield Civic Society was set up in 1964 to care for the town, both its past and its future.

Wordpress site providing news and information, public and members only pages and shop.

Nightingale Trust

The British Hosta & Hemerocallis Society

The BHHS is a registered Charity, existing to promote the study and cultivation of Hosta and Hemerocallis (daylilies). It is an affiliate of the Royal Horticultural Society.

Wordpress site with public and members-only pages.

Nightingale Trust

The Nightingale Trust

We are an independent charitable organisation committed to improving the detection, prevention & treatment of disease related malnutrition (DRM). 

Wordpress site providing information to professionals and the public to raise awareness and provide training support.

Wrathweb is a website design and hosting business based in a small Pennine village near Huddersfield specialising in trusted, easy to use websites backed up by excellent support.

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