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Reasons to build a Static HTML website

  • The site is a brochure site primarily showcasing the client’s work but still able to offer sales on a smaller scale if required.
  • The client does not want to be involved in the day-to-day running of the site and is happy for Wrathweb to make changes when needed.
  • Cost: being simpler, static sites are less expensive to build, host and maintain.

Static HTML or Wordpress website?

When a client comes to us for a website we have to decide which of two types of website to build - a Wordpress CMS site or a static HTML one. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Reasons to build a Wordpress website

  • The website will be used to present large amounts of information that will be constantly updated or added to - such as news or campaign sites.
  • The website will be primarily an ecommerce website.
  • The client or a colleague has previous experience of running a WP site and likes it.
  • Future proofing: the project may need to be handed on to other designers / developers in the future. Wordpress is used for around 40% of websites and most developers / designers have experience of it.

Pros and cons in a nutshell

STATIC HTML sites are generally faster, less prone to security problems, simpler to design and host and so less expensive to build. They usually need updating by Wrathweb. 

WORDPRESS sites are very flexible but are more complex to deploy and are often targets for hackers. They need careful set up and need ongoing maintenance to keep them secure and working smoothly. They can be set up by Wrathweb to allow site owners to edit the content themselves in line with their skill level.

What’s the difference?

Static HTML websites are made up of webpages consisting of an HTML file plus associated resources such as photos, CCS style sheets and scripts that are all processed by the browser and displayed on your device.

A WordPress site will look and function the same as a static HTML site to visitors but the method of delivering it to the web browser is more complex. WordPress websites are mainly written with a programming language called PHP that controls how the site interacts with it’s database. When a visitor visits your webpage, the PHP code on the server receives that request and retrieves the relevant content from the WordPress database. Only then does it convert that content into an HTML file etc, and sends it to the browser for display.


Q: Can I make changes to a static html website myself?

A: Sometimes. We have done it before but it’s usually easier to use Wordpress.

Q: Is it possible for a static site to be used for an online shop?

A: Yes. There are a number of ways of doing this. You have complete online control over the shop part of the website.

Q: Do you provide help on how to edit my Wordpress website?

A: Yes. We can provide a pdf user guide especially written for your website and hands-on tuition if needed.

Q: I already have a Wordpress website. Can you give it a makeover?

A: Probably. We normally offer a complete packages for our clients including installation and ongoing maintenance, but we can usually work on an existing site.

Get in touch to find out more about static HTML and Wordpress website design.

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We live to eat, and we really love to eat in the street! 

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